We love simplifying customers’ journeys

Designing great experiences to make life easy for you is what makes life exciting for us!

Based in India, with operations worldwide, we are a team of passionate and innovative designers united by a single goal: building simple, elegant solutions to complex problems.

In a rapidly changing world, we think beyond trends, creating human centric design solutions that last.

The Paperclip

Invented over a hundred years ago, the paperclip has been unchanged and irreplaceable ever since. Many have tried to iterate the form and shape, but the original form is so thoughtful and simple that it truly cannot be improved upon. You can change the colour or coating, but the form has achieved its optimal state. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and stunningly simple in its design. We approach our designs the same way, creating solutions that are thoughtful, usable, and timeless.

The little paperclip can have a large impact, holding together the most important of documents! Here at Paperclip Design, our little team of immensely talented individuals can do a lot, and make our mark on very complex and large-scale projects.

What we stand for

Ethical Work

We believe in being responsible global citizens, and choose not to work with businesses whose products or practices are socially or ecologically irresponsible.

Equality & Diversity

Life is boring without diversity. In our team, everyone is welcomed and treated with respect. We have no room for intolerance here at Paperclip!

Worth Investment

We offer creativity, reliability, and quality, at a very reasonable price point. We neither work for free or for “exposure”, nor do we overcharge the client at exorbitant rates.

Way of Life

All work and no play makes Jack quit his job. We make sure our team is happy, healthy, and well-rested, and has enough free time to enjoy life!

No Shortcuts

We don’t skimp out on the design process – ever. We are extremely invested in the quality of our work and are meticulous about creating brilliant designs.

Constructive Feedback

We have one-on-one sessions every two months to help employees track their progress, as well as appraisals every 6 months.

Work At Your Pace

Work from anywhere you like, on a schedule that works for you; our entire team is remote, and supportive of flexible working hours.

Exciting Internships

We offer paid internships with fun and challenging work, structured guidance, and monthly appraisals, that actively foster your to growth as a designer.

Over 20 Domains & Global Reach